cbse class 12 computer science notes

cbse class 12 computer science notes
Image : class 12 computer science notes
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cbse class 12 computer science notes

cbse class 12 computer science notes 

Syllabus of class 12 computer science click here


1. Python Revision Tour

The if conditional

Looping Statements

  • Jump Statements – Break and Continue
  • More in Loops

Python Revision Tour I Solutions


2. Python Revision Tour – II

Strings in Python

Lists in Python

Tuples in Python

Dictionaries in Python

Python Revision Tour II Solutions

3. Working with Functions

Important Questions


4. Using Python Libraries

Important Questions


5. File Handling

Important Questions

Advance :

File Handling in Python


6. Recursion

Important Questions
Recursion in Python


7. Idea of Algorithmic Efficiency

Important Questions


8. Data Visualization using Pyplot

Important Questions


9. Data structures – I


Important Questions

10. Data Structures – II


Only important topics and important question based on board examination view :

Both Are Combined
Important Questions


11. Computer Network – I
12. Computer Network – II

Both Are Combined
Important Questions


13. MySQL SQL Revision Tour

14. More in SQL

Both Are Combined
Important Questions

MySQL Functions Example

Aggregate Functions in SQL


15. Creating a Django based Basic Web Application
16. Interface Python with MySQL


17. Society, Law and Ethics

Important Questions


CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Sample Papers with Answers

1. Sample Paper 1

2. Sample Paper 2

3. Sample Paper 3

For Class 11 Notes

computer science class 11 notes

computer science class 12 notes pdf download

If you are not getting good points in this python computer science story don’t worry about this, our website helps you get good marks in the CBSE Board exams:
Because our website contains important notes, key questions and sample papers based on the latest CBSE test patterns.
python is a highly typed language, so it is very flexible and easy to use. Flexibility means you don’t have to deal with rigid rules on how to build features. With Python you will have many problems solving variables using a variety of methods.

computer science class 11 sumita arora notes with all important questions and years ago paper sample available in PDF format, Notes, key questions, sample papers based on the latest CBSE Examination Board papers, By reading sections 11 and 12 computer science with python you do well in tests.

FAQ :-

Cbse Class 12 Computer Science Notes

Q 1. How to get above 95 in (python) computer science ?

Ans. To do so you need to first of all get acquainted with the programming language i. e. the basics of it. Flow of control is a chapter you don’t want to skip. Speaking with experience you need to pay attention to the SQL part of the subject and do the project provided by your teacher guardian for the subject. Also there are easy chapters that are theoretical .

Q 2. Which is the best sample paper for the Computer Science class 12 Python ?

Ans. There is no best sample paper . You have to practice all the sample papers in order to get higher marks .

Q 3. Which is the best book for computer science with python for board exam ?

Ans. Computer Science with Python Sumita Arora by dhanpath rai Publication.

Q 4. Where to find cbse sample paper of computer science python class 11 ?

Ans. As you are not studying in board classes so, try to get previous year sample paper from your school it will be much better to good marks. In case you are not able to get then see your official website of cbse python and read all your notes and revise it . You must know the important topics or else ask you teacher .

Q 5. Is Python bad for the computer?

Ans. As far as just having python installed on your PC goes: No, it won’t overload your PC or affect your HDD in any way. It has effect on your computer as pretty much any other application. If you’re extra worried you should use a used computer that doesn’t have much important stuff on on it until you’re more confident.

Q 6. What are the subjects in 12th science?

Ans. The Board offers two options for science students. One is PCB which includes subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology. PCM is the other one which has Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as major subjects.

Q 7. How do you become top in computer science?


5 Study Tips that Will Make You a Successful Computer Science Student

  1. Focus on developing you practical Computer Science skills. …
  2. Studying the night before a deadline will NOT work. …
  3. Don’t expect to learn everything during courses. …
  4. Don’t be a lone wolf.
  5. Remember: You still have a life.

Q 8. Is computer science hard for someone with no experience?

Ans. Half the students who take CS course have little to no experience with CS or programming in general. Experience isn’t needed, but strong math skills are certainly needed to progress, so if you’re worried about CS course, make sure that your math and algebra skills are sharp.

Cbse Class 12 Computer Science Notes

Q 9. What is the starting salary of computer science?

Ans. 8000 – Rs. 25,000. With 1-2 years of industrial experience, the salary may go up to Rs. 50,000 per month and even more or beyond expectations.

Q 10. How can I study for computer science class 12?


CBSE Class 12 Preparation Tips for Computer Science

  1. Know the CBSE Class 12th Computer Science Pattern, Syllabus & Marking Scheme.
  2. Follow the Right Book for CBSE Class 12 Computer Science.
  3. Make CBSE Class 12 Study Schedule for Computer Science.
  4. Create Short Notes or Flash Card.
  5. Revise Important Topics Regularly.
  6. Solve CBSE 12th Computer Science Question Papers.

Cbse Class 12 Computer Science Notes

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