computer networks important questions

computer networks important questions class 12 computer science with python

computer networks important questions

Q 1. What is a Hub?
ans. a hub is  hardware device used to connect several computers together.

Q 2. What are major types of networks and explain?

ans. (i) server-based network:-
it provides centralized control of network resources and rely on server computers to provide security and network administration.
(ii) peer-to-peer network:-
in this type of network, computers can act as both servers sharing resources and as clients using the resources.

Q 3. what is the purpose of using router ?

ans. a router can work like a bridge and can also handle different protocols . a router can locate the destination required by sending the traffic to another router, if the destination is unknown to itself.

Q 4. what is NIC ?

ans. NIC stands for Network Interface Card. it is also known as network adapter. it is in the form of add-in card and is installed in a computer so that the computer can be connected to a network.

Q 5. what are the security concerns related to IOT ?

ans. data security and privacy are major concerns related to IOT. these devices are vulnerable to hacking and cloud endpoints could be used by hackers to attack servers.

Q 6. the unique address of web page on the web is called_______ .

ans. URL or URI

Q 7. a stand alone computer may also be referred to as host. (true / false)

ans. false

Q 8. which of the following is not a type of cloud ?

(a) private      (b) public     (c) protected          (d) hybrid

ans. (c)protected

Q 9. write full forms for (i) POP   (ii) SMTP   (iii) DNS    (iv) NIC

(i) post office protocol
(ii) simple mail transfer protocol
(iii)domain name system
(iv)network interface card

Q 10. which of these is the correct definition of a router?

(i) forwards data packets along a network
(ii) corrects errors that are found in data packets
(iii) a type of transmission media that provides the greatest bandwidth
(iv) a server within a network

ans. (i) forwards data packets along a network

Q 11. identify the term/protocol/device from the given description.

(i) a high frequency wave whose characteristics are altered to superimpose message information.

ans. carrier wave

(ii)technique of changing the characteristic of an analog signal to carry digital information.

ans. modulation

(iii)too many data packets rushing to a node in a network, than it can handle.

ans. network congestion
computer networks important questions
(i)the most suitable place/block to house the server of this organisation would be raj building, as this block contains the maximum number of computers, thus decreasing the cabling cost for most of the computer as well as increasing the efficiency of the maximum computers in block.
(a)raj building since it contain maximum computer
(b) a switch/hub each would be needed in all the buildings.
(iii)  MAN, because MAN are the network that link computer facilities
within a city.
computer networks important questions