Insight into Program Execution class11 notes

Insight into Program Execution class11 notes

Insight into Program Execution class 11


Insight into Program Execution class 11 notes solution ,Based on cbse pattern computer science, Sumita arora books computer science with python notes in easy language, best quality  short notes, which to study and get good marks in exam

Insight into Program Execution class 11 notes solution

Source code:-


refers to the original code written in a programming language by a programmer.

Machine Code:-

refers to the code converted into computer-understandable form that a computer can understand and can directly execute.

the special software that translate a source code into machine understandable form as the translator software or simply the translator.

there are broadly two types of translator:


Understanding translation process:

the working pattern of a compiler is very different from an interpreter. Let us learn about what happens during compilation and what happens during interpretation.

The compilation process

a compiler takes the source code and then follows certain micro steps to produce a low-level code. the major steps in compilation process are listed below. Please remember that there are not any set number of steps followed by compiler.

the compilation mainly undergoes these steps:

1.  reprocessing
2. compilation
* Analysis  [Front end phase]
*Synthesis  [Back end phase]
3. Assembly
4. Linking
5. Leader

The Interpretation process

unlike a compiler, an Interpreter doesn’t translate the complete code in one go and hand over a full executable file to execute. instead, an interpreter translates a single line/section of code at a time, makes its executable version and runs it immediately.

Role of an operating system in running a program

an executable program runs on the computer with the help of operating system. the operating system has a major role to play in the execution of the program in executable form.

a running program or the executing entity is called a process.

CPU also has some registers(also called memory register sometimes) that temporarily hold data for CPU.

OS as a resource manager

1. Process Management
2. Process Scheduling by OS
3. Memory Management
4. I/O Management

Introduction to parallel computing:-

Parallel Computing:

parallel computing refers to the simultaneous to solve a computational problem.

Cloud computing:

cloud computing refers to storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. the cloud is just a metaphor for the internet. to store and access program over a cloud, you need access to a cloud.

there broadly two types of clouds one can access:

(i) public cloud
(ii) private cloud

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Insight into Program Execution important questions

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Q 1 What is the basic flow of program execution Class 11?

Execution of a programbasic flow of compilation – program binary execution, Running a program: Notion of an operating system, idea of loading, Interpreters (process one line at a time), difference between a compiler and an interpreter, how an operating system runs a program, operating system as a resource manager.Sep 4, 2018
ans – System implementation: basic integration flow – binary creation, program implementation: Application vision, loading concept, translators (consider one line at a time), differences between compiler and interpreter, how the app runs the program, operating system as resource manager.
The basic flow of system performance in computer science is “flow control”. When a sequence of instructions,
individual statements or activity calls are included in the planning process to accomplish the task.

Q 2 What are the steps to execute C program?

ans 2  execution (source code)
A. creating a source code. source code is a file with c programming
instruction in a high level
B. compile source code (Alt + F90 )
c. executing / Running executable File (clrl +9 )
d. check result (alt +F5 )

Q 3 What happens when a program is executed?

Ans – Programs are stored on the second end devices as hard disks. When you install the program on your computer, the program is actually copied to your hard disk. But when you make a program the program is copied (downloaded) from your hard disk to a large memory and that copy of the program is made.


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