debugging programs important questions

Debugging Programs
Important Questions

debugging programs important questions

Q 1. What do you mean by Syntax errors and Semantics errors ?

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Ans. Syntax errors are the errors that occur when rules of a programming language are violated. Semantics errors occur when statements are not meaningful.

Q 2. Why are logical errors harder to locate ?

Ans. In spite of logical errors presence, the programs executes without any problems but the output produced is not correct. Therefore, each and every statement of the program needs to be scanned and interpreted. Thus the logical errors are harder to locate.

Q 3. What is an Exception ?

Ans. Exception in general refers to some contradictory or unusual situation which can be encountered unexpectedly while executing a program.

Q 4. Why is exception Handling required ?

Ans. The exception handling is ideal for processing exceptional situations in a controlled way so that program ends gracefully rather than abrupt crashing of the program.

Q 5. What is the need for debugger tool ?

Ans. Debugger tolls are very useful especially if the code is big or the error is not very clear, it becomes very difficult to manually figure out the origin and cause of problem. Debugger tools here prove handy and useful. They show us the line by line execution and its result on variables intteractively and help a programmer get to root of the problem.

Error :- violation of syntax, semantics or problem-specifications.
Exception :- Occurrence of irregular, unreasonable, exceptional situations during runtime.
Code Tracing :- Executing code one line at a line while showing the code line being executed.

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