getting started with python

Getting start with python class 11

getting started with python

Q 1. Who developed python Programming Language ?

ans. Guido Van Rossum in 1990s developed programming language.

Q 2. Is python is an object-oriented language ?

ans. Yes

Q 3. ‘ Python is an interpreted high level language’ What it mean to you?

ans. ‘Python is a high level language’ means it is programmer-friendly i.e., easy to program and comprehend.
‘Python is an interpreted Language’ means it requires an interpreter (not compiler) to execute its code line by line – one statement at a time.

Q 4. Python programming language got its name from which show.

ans. Python programming language was named after a British

TV show namely ‘Monty Python’s Flying Circus’.

Q 5. What does a cross platform language mean ?

ans. A cross platform language means it can run well on variety of platforms like Windows, Linux/Unix, Macintosh etc.

Q 6. Python is a Free and Open source language. What do you understand by this feature ?

ans. It means – to download Pyhton, one needs not pay anything, because it is free. And its source-code is also available, which can be modified/improved etc., because it is open-source.

Q 7. What is the difference between interactive mode and script mode in python ?

ans. In interactive mode,

instructions are given in front of python prompt

( e.g., >>> or In[ ]: prompts) in python shell.

Python carries out the given instruction and shows the result there itself.
In script mode,

Python instructions are stored in a file generally with .py extension and are executed together in one go as a unit.

The saved instructions are known as Python script or Python program.

Q 8. Which of the following are not valid strings in Python ?

ans. Strings (c), (d) and (e) are not valid strings in Python.

Getting start-ed with python notes

class 11 computer science with python notes

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